♥ Go for a picnic! A nice park or even the beach makes an awesome setting for a little picnic on a sunny day!
♥ Shopping of course! What better way to catch up on the latest gossip then to walk around trying on cute clothes and working out what looks good/what doesn't
♥ Another classic- movie night! Get everyone to bring their fav DVD plus a packet of chips, lollies or some cans of soft drink and your set for an awesome night in!
♥ Karaoke night! Grab the mics  and belt out a tune to the latest stuff!(if no-one has an actual machine or SingStar or anything just grab the laptop and some hairbrushes. YouTube your favourite hits but make sure you specify that you want lyrics.) Make sure you have some bubbly soft drink or water near by cos boy can it make you thirsty hehe.


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