More quotes! 04/17/2011
♥ "My karma ran over my dogma"
♥ "Sometimes you're the windscreen, sometimes you're the bug"
♥ "Love is like war: easy to begin, hard to end"
♥ "Today is the tommorow we worried about yesterday"
♥ If you feel like you are under control, you're just not going
Uh 04/17/2011
You know when how, like majoirty of days/weekends there's not much happening but then you get one day/weekend when EVERYTHING is happening?! Like, you get invited to a miilion and one things, all at the same time so you have to cancel some or leave early at others and then when the next the next day rolls around you are absolutely EXHAUSTED!!!
♥ Go for a picnic! A nice park or even the beach makes an awesome setting for a little picnic on a sunny day!
♥ Shopping of course! What better way to catch up on the latest gossip then to walk around trying on cute clothes and working out what looks good/what doesn't
♥ Another classic- movie night! Get everyone to bring their fav DVD plus a packet of chips, lollies or some cans of soft drink and your set for an awesome night in!
♥ Karaoke night! Grab the mics  and belt out a tune to the latest stuff!(if no-one has an actual machine or SingStar or anything just grab the laptop and some hairbrushes. YouTube your favourite hits but make sure you specify that you want lyrics.) Make sure you have some bubbly soft drink or water near by cos boy can it make you thirsty hehe.
Don't you just love your friends?! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Just want to send a shout out to all my awesome besties (you know who you are) and just to say thanks- for everything. Ily guys! ♥
hehehe 02/09/2011
"Chickens that can speak French!"

Don't you love it when you totally misunderstand something that someone says and you think they say something and you think WHAT?? because it's totally, funnily outrageous and nothing like what they actually said! Haha, love it!
Flies 02/07/2011
Grr! I HATE FLIES!!!!!! They have got to be the most annoying creatures on this planet!!!!!! Terminate all fliessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Title 02/07/2011
Argh! School photos tomorrow! The stress of having your hair right, last second pimples erupting on your chin, making sure your smile is right and then they drag you out of your air conditioned class just to go "click and… your done. Next please." And it's like what!? All that effort for 2 seconds!? Humph! :)
Awesome 02/06/2011
"When God created man she was only joking."
Heyy! 02/04/2011
Omg I'm so bored! You just get so used to seeing people and socializing everyday when you're at school, so if you have nothing on during the weekend it gets really boring. Take now for example. (sigh) :)
How awesome is this quote: "The ones that mind don't matter and the ones that matter don't mind." Cool eh?