Website Blog

Below is a list of websites that I love with a little blurb so you know what they are like...
→    (must see site for any dog-lovers. Has some of the cutest pics ever!) 10/10
→                         (seriously cute and funny site for cat-lovers or anyone really!) 9/10
→    (if you thought your family were abnormal check out these funny pics!) 6/10
→             (as the name suggests, its things that look like other things- funnier than it sounds) 7/10
→                    (umm, not sure what this website would come under but definitely funny and addictive. MUST SEE SITE!) 10/10
→                        (awesome site for any budding fashionistas out there. lets you design.create your own style) 8/10
→                      (has the funniest, cutest tee shirts EVER! so so awesome!)    10/10
→                      (you get to make musical streets! And check out the already made ones-totally awesome!) 8/10
→                     (kind of like facebook, except with books. you have friends and share what books rate and what you hate.) 7/10

YouTube Clips

Also check out these on YouTube:
→ Fainting Goats
→ The Awareness Test
→ Wassup (also: Wassup Harry Potter)
NOTE: will get URLs soon!